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Welcome to Prosapia our guild family on aika please use this site in order to interact with each other, share ideas and information you may have come accross as well as keep in the loop about the diffrent events and meetings with all our members. Please feel free as a member to enjoy this site and ask any questions or post any pics that have you and other guild members haveing fun
Guild News

Play for Rewards (Hurry up and Press T already)

Orwyne, Jul 26, 11 2:46 AM.
For those of you who are not aware, Aika is currently hosting a Play for Rewards event. This event will span over 35 days starting July 14, 2011. All you have to do is log in for at least an hour each day. Press T to recieve these rewards!
(Please note: Players must be at least level 35)
PFR prizes image

Epic II: Level 75 Gear Pics

Orwyne, Jul 26, 11 2:46 AM.
There were a few of you that were curious about the new amour that will be released with epic II. Here is a video of the released pictures. You can view them by clicking on the link below. The armour looks neat, doesn't it?


Ranking Missions as active members

Natti P. H., Jul 15, 11 10:49 PM.
Attention to all Active members as of tonight I have decided that it is essential that every one of rank in our guild should be assigned special duties in accordance with their rank in the guild as such each member has a right to fun and grind focused game play. However in your spare time or when your bored or what have you that presents the perfect oppertunity for you to make contributions to the guild itself and as you know what benifits the guild as a whole benifits you as the indiviual. So enough of nattys whitty dialog heres the rank missions

Rank 1) all rank one members are asked to make small monatary contributions to the guild via mail or trade to any rank 4 active member,as well as make regular dungon runs dep on given lvl and or search for prospective new guild members IE Recruiters.

Rank 2)All rank two members are expected to help maintain tax lvl cash flow into the guild so any exess money from dungon runs and or drops being sold would greatly be appricated, normal guild missions for rank points should be ran as part of regular game play*please note to all ranks guild missions are free just ask any rank 4 for a mission* we do also expect you to run approite dungons in aid of guild members completeing their missions required for the area or for mount quest should you be the right lvl to provide aid. as well as any farming for mats to the guild WH will be accepted via any rank 4 trade or mail

Rank 3) All rank three guild members will be expected to maintain some of the same things listed for the previous ranks from farming,dungon runs,helping in general grind and or lvling.being new things for this rank alone is that you should be signed into the guild site,maintain decent activity and should you like you may participate in relic war as a repersentitive of our guild(we do ask you remember that you repersent us as a whole so be carefull of how you act) that being said good luck and have some fun out there make us all proud XD

Rank 4) all rank four members you shall be upheld in the same exprectations as the previous rank three in your activity however because you have been given this status you are now a officer and are expected to make regular visits to guild site including the officer forum,if you ar unable to frequant aika for what ever means please make sure to email my self and our one of my high officers IE Reis,Dregnr,kittybell,orwyne. 

Thanks all and make me proud out there Love you all so much <3

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Persopia is ment to be a privet guild and wont be accepting any members who random ask for invites you must speak to a active member and go in on a trial period to see for yourself as well as the guild that you as a member are comfortable and as a guild we are comfortable with you
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